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[RC] Being cold - Winter, Randy or Cheryl

Bring cold weather gear to every ride AND carry it on the saddle AND don't
loan it out to anyone else because it doesn't seem all that cold yet
because as Kat said, it can snow in the middle of the night, or it might
drop *well* below freezing even though it was in the high 80s during the
day if you're riding up in altitude.

Boy is that the truth about weather changes.  For those of us at the ROC  in
the Black Hills of south Dakota ( 93 or 94?) it was snowing on us at the end
in the middle of July, and there were a lot of very cold and almost
hypothermic  riders coming in.  Like you, had to be  helped into dry clothes
stuffed in the front seat of our truck  with the heater going( no fancy
trailer back then) drank hot liquid until I warmed up. Horse was fine.  BTW
the horses with good rump rugs seemed to do much better than the horses
without.    Thank god for a good crew.


Every horse can be taught to walk faster than you think.  It is one of the
most important qualities of a good riding horse.  Some have it naturally,
others need to learn. On the other hand, if you are riding a tired horse,
an easy jog is more efficient, covers more groumnd with less effort.  (it's
the rebound effect of the two beat trot)
~  Dot Wiggins

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