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[RC] Horses Shot - Update - Kari Hanes

The last few days I've been posting reward flyers in stores and businesses throughout the county. We have a very supportive rural community and everyone is outraged by this cruelty. The State Police are now involved and we are hoping they will be more productive than the County Sheriff was. We still have no leads to go on, but are hoping for the best. The local TV stations were contacted a few days ago but still have yet to call back. Any suggestions on getting them motivated would be appreciated. Do you think we should start a letter/email campaign?

The mare that survived has been moved to a different farm for now and is doing okay. She is not used to being in a stall 24/7 so she is getting a little eager to get out. She had two arrows hit her, one went all the way through her about 5" below the withers, the other hit her rib cage, and thankfully a bone, or she would have been lost as well. It is pretty deep but the vet gives a good prognosis. She has developed some fluid under the skin just below the wound that went all the way through her, the vet is coming out tomorrow to check on her progress. We were using peroxide and water to flush with, but now have switched to Shriners (sp?) to hopefully reduce any scaring.

Thanks again for all your support, it means the world to my family!!

Kari Hanes
Montalee Arabians
Holton, MI

============================================================ Many of the endurance riders in our top echelons of competition, now and in the past, exemplify the 'common man' not the hierocracy. It is this possibility, this chance to come to the fore, that makes endurance competition of the Aussie/American type so much more desirable to part of the world. ~ Bob Morris

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