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[RC] bathing - Karla Watson

I just found a cool thing in the baby aisle of the grocery store. They are portable, disposable washcloths. They are dry and you get them wet and they have soap in them. The cool thing is you can THROW them away. No more wet wash cloths hanging in your camper to dry. Wet wipes are also a great thing to have around. Great for a quick clean up on face and neck and for adding to your vet box for outchecks. Feels really great and cools you off on a hot day to wash the grime off your face and neck at vet checks.
Karla Watson
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Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 8:19 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Trailer Question

In our trailer, I have installed an oval "Muck Bucket".  I found it
somewhere and recognized its possibilities as a bath tub.  One can stand in
it and take a sponge bath.  I can either kneel in it and take a sponge bath,
or if I pull my knees up under my chin :-)), I can take a sitz bath.  We
just heat a kettle full of water to boiling, add cool water to the correct
temp, and bathe away!  It's not luxury, but it works.  Anything is almost
luxury after one has done high Sierra backpacking for many years, and the
only bath you get is in 40 degree (or colder) water.  And we don't spill
water on the floor...just drag it outside and empty on the ground.


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From: "Jonni Jewell" <jonnij@xxxxxxxx>
To: "Ridecamp" <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 7:35 AM
Subject: [RC] Trailer Question

> >>>So..here's my question - does having a cowboy shower in the back ruin
> flooring?  <<<
> Ask your hubby if the horses going tinkle in the trailer is a problem too
> <wink>. What I have seen used are a few different methods for cowboy
> showers, and the water in the back of the trailer.
> A) Let it hit the floor, and just run off as is will
> B) Install a drain hole, and stand over it. (I have seen this in one
> trailer)
> C) Stand in a small kids swimming pool to catch the water, then drag it
> of the trailer to dump it.
> D) have the hubby buy you a great big fancy LQ trailer, camper, or
> motorhome. (my favorite)
> Jonni in TX
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Common sense should also be a part of the decision making process. If you
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[RC] Trailer Question, Jonni Jewell
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