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Re: [RC] Ancient Greeks & Romans - Ed & Wendy Hauser

"...Maybe they wore lightweight armor..."
Since my last post I did some checking.  First, the Roman "Mile" is only about 4800 feet so Julius Caesar's 25 mile march, 3 hours rest, and 25 mile return march was only about 23 miles each way.  During training they did do forced marches of greater than 25 (Roman) miles.  Usually, a days march was 15 miles.  But remember they had to break camp in the morning, and set up camp at night.  Setting up camp included "digging in" and planting the sharpened stakes for defense.  The source said that the estimate is that they carried 60-80 lbs on the march. 
The reason the Romans dominated Europe for 1500 years (don't forget the Eastern Roman Empire lasted until 1453) was that they had extremely well trained and organized military.
To make this endurance related, they had extremely good cavalry.  They imported desert horses (Akel Tekes??) to improve their own stock.  Ann Hyland has written a great book "Training the Roman Cavalry"  The Roman cavalry's  limitation was that the stirrup had not been yet come into use. 
I also have her book "the Medieval War Horse, From Byzantium to the Crusades"  This is also a must read for horse persons.  I have not yet read a third book: "Equus: The Horse in the Roman World"
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