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Re: [RC] Redefining 'Endurance Ride' - heidi

You have the luxury of being unconcerned about this because you DO try
to take care of your horses, and you don't have to stand and hold the
jugs over the horses of the idiots that do.

Oops, that should have read "the idiots who DON'T."

Sorry--busy packing for a ride and need to get off the puter...


I can tell you after sleeping in a tent, then in my truck, then in the back
of a trailer, then in a gneck trailer w/no LQ, and now in the new-to-me LQ
one, you don't sleep any better the night before in nicer digs - you're
just more comfortable while you're lying there obsessing :)
~  Tina Hicks

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[RC] Redefining "Endurance Ride", k s swigart
Re: [RC] Redefining 'Endurance Ride', heidi