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[RC] belaboured subject-long and dull - Marinera

Since ridecamp seems to attract historians, I have done some research. 

Until 1965 there was only one so called "modern" endurance ride in the 
world-The Tevis Cup Ride. 

In 1966, Linda Tellington (now Tellington-Jones) and Wentworth Tellington put 
on a ride that I attended, but I do not recall the distance or how it was 
billed. It may have been called a Research Ride, but I am vague on that.

In 1967 I started the Castle Rock Ride because I could not wait a whole year 
for the Tevis to roll around again.  I cannot find the entry form for that 
ride, but I have found the one for the 1968 Castle Rock Ride. ( The $20 entry 
included a box lunch.)

Under the heading HISTORY it states: The first Caste Rock Challenge Ride, May 
14, 1967, covered a twenty-three mile course in the wilderness area of Henry 
W. Coe State Park. Thirty-two contestants ....competed.....  The route of the 
1968 Challenge Ride has been changed and will cover a 45 mile course from 
Morgan Hill to Los Gatos, California.

It then describes the route and the 45 mile figure appears to be accurate.

The 1969 Castle Rock application does, for the first time, use the term "50 
Mile Endurance Ride."  This was when the route was changed  yet a third time 
and started from the McCrary Ranch  which headquartered the ride for 
approximately 30 years.

In 1968 endurance had not been defined as "not less than 50 miles."  So I 
guess in those days you could call a ride of just about any length an endurance 
ride if you chose to. After the AERC was born in1972, the term "endurance" was 
defined.  But it would appear that the first Castle Rock Ride would not even 
qualify as a Limited Distance Ride by today's AERC definition. 
Julie Suhr
People in Alabama swear by manure tea as an herbal remedy for colds.
~ Lisa Redmond

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