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[RC] Solution to ridecamp LD, Distance Riding and Comp discussion - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Vicki Loren (Herrick) VLH327 at aol dot com or 

  Ok, normally I am a lurker, but I have to chime in here.
  I have over 4,000 distance miles including comp, endurance (50's and one 
100), and LD that started in 1983. Most of my miles were completed as a junior 
in Michigan. College, 5 years in the Active Army, and now expecting my first 
child has set me back in my over all distance miles. All activities, levels 
what ever you want to call them are enduring, especially when trying to ride 
and keep your ear drums from breaking while listening to Jeanie sing down the 
trail. Since I move around a lot as my husband has another 10 years to go in 
the Army, I find it frustrating that there is no single organization that 
tracks Distance Riding Miles. Since the LD discussion has become so heated on 
the message board I thought I would add my solution:

    The American Distance Riding Association. This could include AERC, NATRC, 
GLDRA, UMECRA, ECTRA, MOTDRA, and all the numerous other distance riding 
organizations. All organizations would be able to keep their separate endurance 
and competitive rules. With The American Distance Riding Association all miles 
would be tracked whether they be LD, Comp, or Endurance. I guess it could be an 
organization that oversees all the other organizations so we can learn from 
each others mistakes especially horse fatalities. I'm sure there are numerous 
other ideas out there, but this way the entire Distance Riding Community could 
be one big happy family :)

Ok, enough of my ramblings....going back to lurking


===========================================================Common sense should 
also be a part of the decision making process. If you
see someone who doesn't have any, hand them your tool box.
~ Lisa Salas - The Odd Farm

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