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Re: [RC] Source of ride names - Barbara McCrary

Swanton Pacific.  It fits the area, our community of Swanton, near the
Pacific Ocean.  Actual name taken from a "hobby" railroad created by a late
neighbor who was a railroad aficionado.  He used to work for Southern
Pacific RR in his youth, so it was an easy step to name his "hobby" RR
Swanton Pacific.  Our ride started in 1983 and our trail passed through
three areas with logging railroad history.  Combine RR history with
community name, located within sight of the Pacific Ocean, and our
neighbor's Swanton Pacific. We asked him if he minded if we used his name
for our ride.  He was delighted and honored.  We had a logo designed for the
ride featuring our daughter riding my husband's horse alongside a logging
shay, pulling loads of huge redwood logs across a low trestle.  Next to the
trestle are young redwood trees sprouting and re-growing.  The woman who
designed it did a wonderful job.

Barbara McCrary, ride mgr.
Swanton Pacific 75/100
"The most beautiful trail in the world"

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From: "Julie Fuller" <natira121@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [RC] Source of ride names

Okay guys, I've got a pertinent question......

How did The Chicken Chase get it's name?  I get all kinds of mental
pictures everytime I see the name!

What about some of the other rides?  Any really cool stories out there?


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[RC] Source of ride names, Julie Fuller