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[RC] Cheating Statement-Apology - rides2far

After Angie let me have it, I realized my statement about hearing 
accusations of cheating at rides did not exactly come out right.

Well...as long as we're having a confession session I'll say that I'm so
horrible with name recognition and recollection that it didn't hit me
what face went with that name until  you sent me a note and I *do* know
you...pretty well. >blush< As a matter of fact we crewed right next to
each other at the ride.

From what I've gathered from several private postings and conversation is
that there was *no*  problem with cheating at the ride. The only problem
was with someone *claiming* someone cheated, and then realizing it was
they who had jumped the gun and were wrong. 

I've said things during a ride before that I'm not proud of. Sometimes
the fatigue, competition, etc. just make you a little stupid. Since I
later felt very stupid for some things I said it was a little easier for
me when I was a manager to let slide stupid things some competitors said.
If they still said them after resting and re-hydrating I might take it
personal. However, if a person does that sort of thing once they should
catch themselves the next time...sort of open the mouth and have a sudden
"de ja vous" and then quickly shut it again. I think the moral from this
whole thread isn't nearly so much that we have too many cheaters as it is
that we should not be quick to accuse when it's nothing but a wild guess
on our part. One sweet warning from friends to watch their tongue should
set them straight. If they make a habit of such accusations they are
liable...as my students would say...to get "fired on", "clacked" or as my
dog trainer used to say, "given a good correction". >g< 

Didn't meant to be  rough on Jenny...just a tad defensive of my region. 
She's a darned good 100 mile rider and a wecomed addition to the South.
They have more 100 milers than the need in the NE anyway. >g<  

Angie, off to do penance for snapping at a nice person when not

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