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[RC] Crupper - rides2far

it just a little looser than you may ride in at first, then longe 
him at a walk, trot and canter.  If he is ok then ride. Slowly 
increase the tension to where you want it.  

If the horse is on the flat there shouldn't be any pressure. The horse
will tuck his butt to go downhill and that will tighten the crupper. The
only time I've had any problems with it properly adjusted was when a
green horse got to the *bottom* of a hill where the saddle had slid
forward some and made it tight, then when he trotted on the flat he was
acting goosey.  I've started at least 6 horses on cruppers and have been
amazed that none of mine have really cared so long as it's slack on the
flat.  I do use the Ortho-Flex soft neoprene cruppers.

Prudence and focus will carry you a long way on a horse. 
~  Frank Solano

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