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[RC] cruppers - Karen Casemier

I agree with the other posters - it just takes time. I ride a very sensitive mare, and I started by longeing her with it, then walking only with it adjust so loosely it really wouldn't have any affect. That way, she could first just get used to the feel of something under her tail without any pulling action (if you have to do trot/canter to condition, don't use the crupper yet). I kept it that way until she was comfortable in all gaits, and then moved it up one hole. Only when she was comfortable at all gaits (no kicking out or bucking because of the crupper) did I move it up another hole. Took me a month, but she has accepted it with no problems at all. And this is NOT a horse you would expect to take kindly to something pulling at her rear end. She is a very marish mare. If she can get used to it, any horse can.

Good luck - take your time, he'll be fine.

Karen and Mazzie

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