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[RC] Cheating Statement - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Jenny Edgell jedgell@xxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have just now viewed all the postings on cheating.  I hear these rumors 
passed around almost every ride I have attended in the Southeast, I am 
disgusted for a few reasons.
1.)  If there is purposeful cheating, I am disgusted, but we all know those 
people will be dealt with on another level, not one we have control over.
2.)  Most people that I know struggle at some rides to just follow the trail in 
some spots at rides we all know have poor marking...but overall, we all just 
want to ride the ride on the right trail.  We drive ten hours because we want 
to ride the whole trail!
3.)  Maybe a biased comment, but I grew up riding in another region and never 
once heard any accusations of cheating.  An observation I can make between the 
two regions is that many more people "race" in one region than the other.  I 
would just like to make a quick point:  we all know there is little reward in 
placing well in limited distance...one reason many of us do not ride in 
it...but for those who choose to, please be aware that your competitive spirit 
should be geared towards doing the best you and your horse can do, because 
other than the ride prizes, down the road there is no glory in a top ten at a 
limited distance ride.  The glory in limited distance is enjoying your ride and 
your horse and feeling accomplished.  Lastly, to those people all to quick to 
throw out accusations of trail cutting, etc.  Please be aware that most riders 
have no stake in doing well at endurance.  We do it because we love it.  We 
sacrifice a huge amount to be able to do what we love.  And misplaced comments 
about our friends ruin our weekends that we work so hard for.  I look forward 
to these competitions the whole time until I get to go to one, yet someone 
making a backhanded comment to a friend can all but ruin my experience.  Please 
think before you speak and don't take competition too seriously, take your 
horses health seriously instead.

===========================================================In my experience (22 
year worth) most endurance riders are great people who
will go out their way to help and be friendly.
~  Laura Hayes

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