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Re: [RC] Watering - heidi

My basic problem is this has happened at both rides I've been on. Not
the  grabby thing, but the people shoving in to let their horses drink.
Doimas will  back off and stop drinking.  I thought we were supposed to
be polite?

I know, I know, I'm a Newbie, and probably shouldn't be complaining
about  anything, but this is annoying and I don't think I'm the only one
out there who  has had the experience.

What a bummer, Cindy, because that also gives him a bad experience about
water tanks!

One can start by being conversational, and just suggest that you have a
green horse that is timid about drinking and that you'd appreciate some
cooperation. If they are just suffering from DIMR and not paying
attention, that should be sufficient.  If they get rude about that, then
they are rude people to avoid--not sure what one can DO about people like
that except try not to ride with them!  It is REALLY hard to make rules
against rudeness...  <sigh>


You don't have to be a 100-mile rider or a multi-day rider to be an
endurance rider, but if you want to experience the finest challenges our
sport has to offer, you need to do both of those.
~ Joe Long

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[RC] Watering, WRSINOSKY