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Re: [RC] new riding tool/toy - Suzi Maiorisi

You mean you don't sing already??? Smiley emoticon  Poor Holly gets treated to Christmas carols most of the time with a few others thrown in for variety!  She'd probably appreciate having actual 'tunes' and forget mom's voice.  On our long trail ride in Jan she really enjoyed hearing the sound truck and has developed a 'swing' when she's relaxed - plays with her bit/reins and swings them back and forth in time with the music...at the same time my sisters horse was swinging hers left to right...made for interesting conversation when people would pass us! 
Suzi and Swinging Holly
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From: Nancy Reed
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 10:17 PM
Subject: [RC] new riding tool/toy

Hey Ridecamp!

God bless my husband!  He found the coolest training tool/toy in the world for cheap.  It?s a small back pack that has 2 small speakers that hook up to any kind of portable unit, MP3, Discman, etc.  The speakers are powered and controlled by the portable music unit.  It is very light weight and is not loud, just loud enough for me and my horse to hear.  This training aid has enabled Lyric to go down the trail alone as I sing to her!  What a blessing and a blast. Perhaps the music frightens the collywobbles away or the off key singing soothes them.  Whatever, it sure works for us.  It is called a motion systems audio backpack with speakers,  MOS CABP12BSIL.  All for only $14.99.  Here is the link to order one  http://www.circuitcity.com/detail.jsp?c=2&b=b&qp=0&bookmark=bookmark_0&oid=72187&catoid=-9041&m=0


This is soooo much fun and has really helped Lyric go down the trail alone when she refused to before.   Hope you will have as much fun with it as I have!

Nancy Reed

Lazy J Ranch (Home of the singing Arab.  Does she like country or pop?  Can she canter in time?)

Elfin Forest, California (still sweating and watching for fires)

[RC] new riding tool/toy, Nancy Reed