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[RC] [RC] questions! - B. L. Kossowan

Raven wrote: "Just keep in mind, that if it's a cold night, the air mattress
will be verycold, and it will "steal" your body heat."

I beg to differ, coming from an area of the world where the armed forces
have made a science of cold-weather survival. I have participated on winter
maneouvres with an an artillery unit, when we had to camp in canvas teepees,
six to a tent, with arctic sleeping bags and no tent heaters, while outside
temperatures dropped to -40. The cardinal rule was to keep your air mattress
inflated to preserve heat. Trapped air is, in fact, a remarkable insulator.
I didn't sleep too well myself - one of the other "journalists" had a leaky
air mattress and swapped it for mine while I was out lurking around. I
crawled out at 4 a.m. and spent the rest of the morning wandering around
camp. Thank God for the arbitrary tot of rum issued later that morning -
truly the Great Canadian Attitude Adjustment.


Brenda K.

I can tell you after sleeping in a tent, then in my truck, then in the

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