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[RC] snacks that keep you going - Jena Williams

My good friend, who knows me so well and must be under instructions from my husband to look after me, brought these great snak bars to our endurance ride. They were called "boomi" bars. ingredients list reads like trail mix, only easier to eat on horse back. Nothing you can't pronounce. Wonderful!! Mostly nuts, honey, dried fruit combos, with a couple of variations that have extra protien. Most "granola" bars are more ceareals and carbs, and low on protien. These seemed to balance dried fruits and honey for a pick-me-up and nuts for longer term energy.

They saved me, and made it possible to keep going. I don't eat well when I exercise. I lose my appetite, but feel like I will pass out if I go even a short time without food or water (I am a whimp, but at least I am learning to manage it!) I highly recommend them. For that matter, you could probably experiment and make some at home.


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