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[RC] Questions - Julie Fuller

Here are a few hints I haven't seen posted:

A propane heater can be a godsend! I bought one after spending two seasons freezing my butt off.

As a low rent district camper, I have also found that if I warm up a fleece blanket (in front of above mentined heater) wrap it around myself, then crawl into my bag, I don't spend half the night trying to warm up my sleeping bag. ('Course it helps to have a husband willing to sleep in the bag with me *grin*)

And about snacks.... for those of you with a bread machine, or time to bake, there are some swesome fruit/nut/whole grain breads to be made. I make one with dried apricots and hazelnuts that is really good. The horses like it, AND it makes a good packing material for your apples. It's especially good with sliced cheese, or cream cheese.

Personally, I'll eat about anything if I'm hungry..... once, a riding buddy and I were talking about the grossest things we ever ate while out and about. I told him I once "drank" yogurt which had sat in the back of my pickup all day when I got lost on the trail, doing 23 miles instead of 9 on a training ride.

He said he had once shared several hotdogs with a friend which had been in the toolbox of his Baja Bug during a roadrace in Southern California. They had broken down, and ended up stranded for an entire day.

Needless to say, I conceded he'd won that little discussion! Blech!


When you ask a Quarter horse for something he says - Sure - and when you
ask an Arab for something he says - Why? - ~ Heidi Smith

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