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[RC] Re; Question (Duck and Run) - Tracy Cann


I was wondering how competitive 50 mile endurance is?
Is there some vets that might favor some riders or timers?
Like  say call your time a min . later ?
or maybe give you a  B or A- insted of and A?
Just thoughts ?
I think Endurance or LD for that matter are exactly as competitive as you want them to be.  The great thing about this sport is you can be extremely competitive, or go to finish, or go for mileage over time (that's my ultimate goal) or just go for fun.  Of course there's always the option of "I've been bad so I need to feel pain."  This sport is great for that.  Being self centered it's cool to be in a sport where ultimately "It's all about me and my horse".  So whatever works for me and him at the time is what we do.  Most of the time that's trying to hang on when he tries to fly out from under me and finish, but we're working on it.  Who knows, someday we might just get it together and be a force to be reckoned with. ha ha.  I have never known vets or timers to favor someone like you said and I would be surprised.  I think they just try to do the best they can.  Since I'm still out on trail when the front runners come in I wouldn't really be the one to ask.  I know what you mean about horseshows.  They always seemed to get more and more cut-throat and about who you knew to me but I've been away from that stuff for a very long time.  My daughter is getting into Eventing and that seems pretty cool.  Maybe because It's about performance and not a subjective halter class or something.  She's having a good time and learning allot so It's ok with me.  So just "ride on" man and have a good time in endurance.  It's a great place to be.