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Re: [RC] [RC] In the top ten - katswig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lyn said:

I was wondering how your horse was doing after it was put
on IV's at the vet check earlier this year when you were
running top ten????? Was it just thumps, or deyhdration
too, I don't remember.

And Lynne Glazer said:

It never fails to amaze me how people can leap to judgement without doing 
any research at all.

Kat doesn't need me to defend her, however, ridecamp is viewed by 
*thousands*, and defamation like this doesn't have to stand undefended for 
a day or until she can reply herself.

And Kim Fuess said some nice things about me too.  However, I must confess
_I_ don't find what Lyn (the first one) said to be either a rush to
judgement or a cheap shot.  So, to answer her questions:

She is doing great (had a lovely ride on her yesterday) and it was a little
of both which is why we decided to give her an IV.  The thumps were an
indication of an electrolyte imbalance which, since she was also showing
some signs of dehydration we were reluctant to treat with oral electrolytes
for fear that that would cause as many problems as it might solve. So she
was treated with fluids until she peed (13 litres, not insignificant but
not excessive either) and calcium carbonate. The thumps went away and her
less than perfect mm color (B-?) improved very nicely. After which, I
committed the cardinal Ridecamp sin of immediately trailering her home. :)

If Lyn's questions were intended to infer something other than kindly
asking about about the welfare of my mare that had some metabolic problems
at a recent ride....well....that went right over MY head :).

Orange County, Calif.

p.s. And yes, I was generally aware that I was somewhere close to about
10th place, and she recovered to criteria before about 4 horses that came
in before her and one of the other horses ahead of us was also pulled for
metabolics (I know this because we were both waiting for a trailer ride
back to camp together), so had we not had the problem I would have been
generally aware that I would have been in 5th or 6th place, and since I
would have seen them leave, I would also have been generally aware of how
far ahead of me they were.  But general awareness is completely different
from knowing exactly. :)

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