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Re: [RC] questions! - RDCARRIE

Sleeping:  You mean some people actually SLEEP the night before the ride?  
Wow...I thought everyone spent most of the night lying awake, worrying about 
everything that *might" go wrong, and being afraid to go to sleep for fear of 

Horse:  We use electric fences, and try to place our camp and our horse pens so 
as to minimize the potential for loose horses running through our camp/pens and 
causing problems.  

Breakfast:  I'm *still* experimenting.  I find that some protein seems to do me 
best - settles my stomach and keeps me from getting hungry (and according to my 
husband, hungry=cranky in my case).  My last two rides I ate a boiled egg and a 
cup of coffee.  In the past I've tried donuts (sugar high = bad), Nature Valley 
granola bars, yogurt (usually ended up half eaten, since it required two hands 
and I kept setting it down as I got ready for the ride).

Snacks:  I don't take stuff with me on the trail (but here in CT region, our 
loops generally come back to camp every 10-15 miles).  During holds I will eat 
yogurt (same problem with setting it down and forgetting about it, though), 
another boiled egg, a sandwich (if someone makes it for me and puts it in my 
hand), bananas, etc.  Again, I find that some protein seems to set best with 
me.  I try to avoid sugary stuff that will give me a sugar high and then drop 

Drinking:  I wear a camelback (otherwise I simply don't get around to drinking 
on trail).  It contains water mixed with Gookinaid (now called Hydralyte).  I 
can't stand the taste of Gatorade, although I used to force myself to drink it 
at holds.  The Gookinaid has more potassium and less sodium than Gatorade, and 
works better for me - tastes better too.  I chug water in camp during holds.  I 
tend to get dehydrated (which has progressed to throwing up and blacking out on 
my horse, followed by RO pulls), so I *really* try to drink, drink, drink.  I 
don't think it's possible for me to overhydrate, at least here in Texas.

Dawn in East Texas
REAL endurance is taking your non-horsey family to a ridecamp with you!
~ Heidi Sowards

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