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Re: [RC] Leveling a Horse Trailer - RDCARRIE

I hear ya on the unlevel trailer for sleeping...drives me nuts!  Here's what my 
husband and I do with our LQ trailer.  We first try to park it as flat as 
possible.  We keep a small level in a drawer in the LQ.  I jump out and get in 
the trailer, pull out the level and put it on the counter, checking the 
side-to-side and front-to-back levelness.  Then I get out and put enough boards 
at the appropriate tires on the trailer, and direct hubby to back up or pull 
the trailer onto the boards.  Then I re-check the levelness.  If still not 
level, he drives off the boards and I add or subtract boards.  I've gotten 
enough practice that I can pretty well guess how many boards will be needed.  
We carry a batch of hardwood boards (1" thick, about 18" long, and about the 
width of the tires) in the bed of the truck for this purpose.  It only takes us 
maybe 5 minutes to level the trailer, and I consider it time well spent.

Dawn in East Texas (gotta have a level bed!)