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Re: [RC] questions! - heidi

I've slowly moved since starting in 1996 <EEEKKK - has it been
that long since I did my first ride????> from Low Rent as Angie
calls it :) to a LQ trailer. I can tell you after sleeping in a
tent, then in my truck, then in the back of a trailer, then in a
gneck trailer w/no LQ, and now in the new-to-me LQ one, you
don't sleep any better the night before in nicer digs - you're
just more comfortable while you're lying there obsessing :) esp
if it's raining to beat the band like it did this weekend at LBL

Oh, I dunno....  The bed in my homemade-by-somebody-else LQ gooseneck is
more comfortable than my bed at home, and I'm usually exhausted when I get
to rides from all the effort of getting everything set up at home so that
someone else can do chores for the weekend, so I usually sleep like a log!
I can remember having butterflies and staying awake when I was young, but
I'm just a tired old lady now and enjoy the peace and quiet of not being
somewhere where the phone rings, etc.

For the horse, I've tied to the trailer, used a pen and
picketed. Right now I prefer picketing. You'll have to decide
what you like best for you and your horse.

Guess I'm old-fashioned--I still like tying to the trailer, although we
finally made the concession of a really SOLID panel pen (with "real" 12'
panels, not the usual portable sort) for a horse that isn't too reliable
to tie.

I've tried oatmeal, hardboiled eggs, yogurt, etc..it's hard to
get much down except my coffee so I've given up the fight :) a
cup or two of good coffee with half'n half (or better yet,
whipping cream <g>) and I'm good to go till a bit later on the

I'm not usually hungry in the mornings (I'm not at home, either) but if I
don't eat, I really regret it.  So now it's oatmeal.  And I gotta have my
milk!  If I drank coffee, I'd be off to pee every five minutes for the
first loop and more dehydrated than I get anyway--I avoid the caffeine.

I've tried several of the bars (can anyone actually stand Power
Bars????bleck!!!) Cliff and Luna bars are in the edible
category. If you want to put a small cooler at the check then
hard boiled eggs and/or tuna salad. Chocolate pudding is good
too :)

I tend to do potato salad (my own bland homemade recipe, not just any old
potato salad) or tuna sandwiches or cold chicken at checks (and my milk!)
and I've never found any "fancy" bars that do me as well as plain old
Quaker granola bars or the Nature's Valley ones.  And yes, pudding,
pudding, pudding!  And grapes.  And nectarines.

I used Ensure this weekend and really liked it - took care of
that "I really need to eat...soon..." feeling (and the
associated crabbiness others tell me I get :)) Not sure I could
drink it at room temp (or worse yet, warm) though :-p Beef jerky
is good - gives you some protein and salt (and pleny of
preservatives too <g>) Nuts/raisins are a good snack too - easy
to carry, filling, and fairly durable.

I can't do much salt--makes me sick--although I can handle somewhat-salted
nuts.  But dried fruit makes my mouth all gummy and dry.  Milk seems to do
for me what Ensure does for other folks.

Don't forget water, water, water to drink. Lotsa water will help
with those after-ride sore muscles :)

Yep!  Although I have problems with dry mouth and so alternate water and
hard candies.  That seems to do the trick.


It is how we "feel" deep inside that matters, cause each of us knows the
truth, regardless of how we try make it complicated.  It just isn't.
~ Frank Solano

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