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[RC] It's a BOY .. Bay of course! - Chris Paus

New baby was born as 12:15 a.m. Purebred Arab, full
brother to my favorite mare, Ali. Nafis Rafiq x
Shakeela Lee.. He's the all American melting pot boy--
Egyptian-Polish-Crabbet. We're still working on a name
for this guy... 

Shak waited until I turned out the lights on the RV.
All was quiet and then I heard a big grunt and her her
lay down. I gave her a moment so as not to startle
her, and went outside. Baby was born already but was
having a hard time getting out of the sac. I peeled it
off him and helped Shak dry him. Iodined his navel and
called Ray. 

Baby boy, such a typical male, never stopping to ask
directions, finally got up, bounced off the shed wall,
the fence, and went everywhere but to the faucet. Shak
tried her best to direct him to the plumbing. He
sucked on her armpit, her hock, her belly, and after
two hours, finally found the right spot!!! I was
getting worried about him not nursing, and milked a
little out of Shak and bottle fed him.

Shak was the worrisome one.. she retained her
placenta. Finally, after watching her have
contractions to no avail, about 2 hours after foaling,
I called the vet, who said he would be on his way.
Wouldn't you know it, that was the magic bullet. She
dropped that placenta whole. I called the vet back and
told him to go back to bed and come here in the a.m.
for foal and mare check. 

In the daylight, little bay boy looks real good. All
bay, not a speck of white anywhere. Low sworl like
Ali. He's very personable and willing to come to
people. I petted him all over last night and taught
him to accept hugs, LOL.. that's mandatory around
here, tee hee... 

Vet came and went. Foal's IGG levels weren't as high
as we'd like but they were above the danger zone. He
has good heart and lungs, is bright and chipper, has
passed his first poopie.

Shak got a checkover too. She is doing well. Now I can
either take a nap, or get an IV drip of caffeine and
do some baby admiring!


Here's a link to his photos.. I don't have him on our
farm website yet.... 

"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres
REAL endurance is eating egg salad sandwiches for 3 days straight!
~ Heidi Sowards

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