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[RC] A lot of angle in the pasterns - Patti Pankiewicz-Fuchs

Been putting together my game plan for Serendipity (now 7 weeks under saddle woo-hoo!)for the next year or so. My only conformational concern I have with her is that she has a pretty good slope to her pasterns and drop down pretty good especially at the trot. My husband (who is a part-time horsey person) was almost alarmed the first time he noticed. Don't get me wrong I've seen *much* worse, but there is a good drop there, compared to my TWH anyways.
Assuming this is a fault, how should I go about protecting it from being a problem in the future? Special boots?
Also, I have decided to shoot for our first ride to be the Jennings Boogie in December. I think even if I have can't ride too much in the summer (South Fl heat) I'll still have time to get her ready for a 25 by December. Any thoughts or suggestions on the matter?

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