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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] [RC] Racing - Howard Bramhall

Gosh darn it, Truman, that was plum beautiful. REally.

And, that's how it's done in these here parts and it's why our Ride Managers in the Southeast have the gifts of Solomon, when making decisions, and, the durability of Job, when it comes to being able to handle difficult situations.

Sorry, with Easter, Passover and all I guess I'm getting a little biblical. Now, quit that laughing, Ed, my wife reads to me from the Bible every now and then without me ever interrupting (like when I'm sleeping). She's made me her "project for redemption."

Howard (now, back to Hockey)

From: Truman Prevatt <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CC: howard9732@xxxxxxx,  ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC]   [RC] [RC] Racing
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 19:24:20 -0400

Geeze I go and spend about the longest 6 hours in recorded history to come home and find out that Heidi said I said "nothing we can do about it," so we should just stop doing endurance in SE (ignoring an almost 50% growth over the past 8 years). Then I read on to find out Howard is defending me. Now I'm going to get shot if I go out to the Shamrock. Then I find Frank is complementing Jackie Baker. Frank please don't do that, she's hard enought to live with as it is;-). And Ed is trying to throw the South out of the Union - actually not a bid idea our economy is doing quite well.

Makes we want to get back in my car and drive back down to McDill.

Clearly we must have a problem down here that haven't surfaced in other places. We have people that want to race - oh my there is that four letter word again. Jeeze by the reaction of some, you'd think Howard Stern had spoken it. We have people that want to race and do it safely and expect the RM will provide them with that option (if at all possible). I'd better stop saying that four letter word or else the FCC is going to fine Steph.

On pubilc land we have other people out there. Must be because we Southerners love to be out doors and we have the weather to do it. These people think they have the same rights as we endurance riders ( how dare they to think that even though they do ) and wouldn't cotton to somebody walzing up to them saying, "I'm the ride manager of the Bo Diddly Memorial 25/50/100 mile endurance ride (oh no another faux pas - implying a 25 is endurance or that anyone that rides 25 should is even worthy of being considered to be in the company of real endurance riders) and I order out to move your truck off this forest service road.

After the hunter stops laughing, he'd probably look down spit a big wad of chawing tobacco on the RM's shoes and proceed to tell him/her of his rights and if they think they are big enough to make him more - have at it. Most likely the hunter is hunting buddies with the local ranger so now the RM is in big trouble.

Now the way a good 'ol boy southerner (and for those who are not a southerner that term is not gender specific) RM would go up to the hunter and say something like.

The conversation would go:

RM: Having any luck.
Hunter: Haven't seen a damn thing.
RM: The horses bothering you.
Hunter: Naw
RM: That good. We only do this once a year and being a hunter my self I'd sure hate that we were screwing it up for you.
Hunter: What's going on anyway.
RM: This is an "endurance ride" which is actually a long distance horse race (on now not that dirty word again).
Hunter: How fer they going.
RM: Some 25, some 50 and some a 100.
Hunter: Riding a horse a 100 miles, these people crazy.
RM: I takes a lot of work and training. The only reason they are crazy is they are riding Arabians for the most part instead of good old easy going walking horses. (Hunter nods in agreement).
Hunter: I guess so.
RM: BTW the finish is about where you parked you truck. These being Arabs, I sure hope it doesn't spook any of the horses that come back at a full gallop and cause them to run into your nice truck and scratch it.
Hunter: Think I ottamoveit.
RM: Wouldn't hurt just to be one the save side. These endurance rideres are pretty cheap and you might have a hard time getting to pay for fixing the custom paint job you have on that truck.
Hunter: Yep, I think I'll move it.
RM: Hey, that would be a great ideal. Move it on down by mine - I've good some beer in there and we'll watch 'em come in.
Hunter: Got a deal.

Next year same ride, old Billy Bob the hunter is out there doing his first 25.

That's how we handle it down in God's country. We all learn to respect each other and get along.



We imitate our masters only because we are not yet masters ourselves, and only

because in doing so we learn the truth about what cannot be imitated.

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There is no better way to see the world than from the back of a horse. ~ Teddy Roosevelt

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