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Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.1283 Keeping one's seat/stirrup length - Born Country

When I got my first horse way-back-when, I didn't have
a saddle.  I rode bareback all over the county.  I
guess it's like riding a bike, once you learn, you
never forget.  

Chagalle can spook pretty big, especially when a deer
pops up along side him only a few feet away.  So far
(knock on wood), I've stayed with him each time he's
sprung straight up in the air, whirling and skittering
backwards all at the same time (athletic, doncha

When my son got his first horse, he was not allowed to
use a saddle until he could trot and canter his horse
bareback.  Not only did he quickly learn to canter his
horse this way, but did the "watch this, Mom!" as he
jumped his horse over a fallen tree.  Now, when his
current horse spooks, he doesn't even reach for the
horn (he rides western, obviously), just goes with
her. I believe learning bareback riding is one of the
most useful tools a rider can have.  

Esther and Chagalle, who swears the deer actually
bounced off his butt

--- Chipnml@xxxxxxx wrote:
When I first got the horse I'm competing, I had to
shorten my stirrups 
because he has so much SPROING...he'd throw me so
high at a trot I'd lose my 
stirrups (especially going by cows).  He's also a
pro at the big shy, combined with 
the whirl-and-run.  I ride in a Wintec Pro
Endurance, which is not a very 
secure saddle, and in going over our latest big shy
(today), I find I tend to sit 
deep and grip with my thighs and seat while reaching
up to grab his bit on one 
side to pull him to a stop.  At least he's a small

Chip (who also learned to ride bareback)

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Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.1283 Keeping one's seat/stirrup length, Chipnml