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Re: [RC] balding loin - Karla Watson

You have to read the website and talk to the inventor and see the pad. He does guarantee you will like them. Call them up and they will tell you the difference from theirs and skitos. The memory foam is different. It does not spring back up right away which is better for the horse's back since it is not springing up and down as you ride, it stays cushioned better. Also, I could get the pad in 3 days--unlike skito that takes 2 weeks.
You could ask those Pan Am riders on the testimonials on the web page and ask them "why" they preferred the pad. They have Alexandra North, Becky Hart, Cia Reis, Jonathan Bowman, Nicole Wier, Cameron Holzer, Andrea Pace,
 to name a few. They ride ALOT harder and longer than I do so I figured if they like it, I might. He said they were not given the pad, they bought it and loved it. I'll let you know how I do over time with it. It is a nice pad so far. It is much thicker than the skitos which I feel is better for me since I'm a light/heavyweight in a sports saddle.
But again, whatever works for you....I like mine alot so far. Skitos are very nice pads but I was looking for more and hopefully I have found it. They are spendy though.
Karla Watson
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In a message dated 4/7/04 3:34:28 PM US Mountain Standard Time, karlawatson@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I think it is way better than the skito pad (sorry skito....) Expect to pay a bit more for them but I think they are worth it!
What makes you say this. I have a Skito and I have been happy with it.  I need to replace the pad and I am curious.  The web page seems to describe the same foam, so I wondered...............
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Re: [RC] balding loin, Vallonelee