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[RC] Pulling and tether and volunteering - Ridecamp Guest

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I too had a horse that would pull on  when tied.  He never did it when 
tethered/high lined. I think they are less likely to pull when they have more 
freedom.  He eventually quit pulling when all I tied him with was the Leader 
(bungee).  He pulled a few times with that and quit because it was stretchy and 
nothing firm to pull back on.  Oh, I also always used a Parelli halter(yacth 
rope) so it hurt when he pulled but did not give rope burns. I remember at a 
ride some woman came running up to me and said your horse is pulling back and 
the halter didn't break and told me never to tie with a halter that didn't 
break.  I looked at her and said "He didn't get away did he? and he stopped 
didn't he? She said yes but he will have rope burns, I told her to go look at 
him because he wouldn't have a burn, she declined to look and walked away 

Have fun voluntering and don't let anyone tell you when their horse isn't 
reaching criteria it is because YOU don't know how to take a pulse.  Most 
people though are very polite and it is a very rewarding thing to do and you 
can learn alot about people and their motives.  Have fun, and as you know 
without volunters (or ride managers) we don't have rides.

===========================================================One would think that 
logic would prevail. But then, if logic did prevail,
men would ride sidesaddle.
~  Bob Morris

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