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RE: [RC] [RC] LD changes.. - Howard Bramhall

I do think we need to encourage them. If done properly, the LD is a lot less hardship on the horse. I'm starting to believe that's why so many riders are drawn to them even though they may have the horse to do the longer distances. Less worry.

You sleep better that night after completing an LD, because, unless your horse wasn't fit or you may have gone faster than he was used to, you know he's doing just fine after your run is done.


From: Steve Shaw <sshaw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Ridecamp <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   LD changes..
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 12:26:53 -0700

I don't have any problems with LD's and expansion of these within AERC. Though why would anyone drive for 4 hours, take off time on a Fri. , pay the entry fee and then be done so quickly?
I think that we do need to ENCOURAGE LD's.

At the same time we can control it. 1) Ride Mangers could charge more for the LDer's, giving them an incentive to do the 50 miler. 2) Slow down the event by putting in more Pulse gates. You don't have to have a vet at these, just a P/R crew. Think about having one or two vet checks and two more 'gates.' Make a low criteria. AND enforce a finish line pulse for placement. I personally feel that ride managers should mandate that LDer's do their own pulse checks before presenting and be given a return time penalty if presenting when not pulsed down.

Just because someone tells you that your horse isn't "fit" for
endurance...doesn't mean it isn't, it just means your horse isn't fit to be
"their" endurance horse! Go for it, you never know what you'll accomplish
with that "saddle horse" or "trail horse" of YOURS!
~ Darlene Anderson - DPD Endurance

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Of course things aren't perfect,  perfect doesn't exist on this earth.
Doesn't mean we won't go on trying to get better at what we do. Besides, if
everything was perfect today, what would you do tomorrow? Slamming each
other doesn't get anything done.
~  Dot Wiggins

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