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[RC] bug allergies - Alice Yovich

I'm pretty sure it's bugs, or at the least it's vegetation we didn't have in KY b/c we didn't have these problems there.  He rubs out his mane and tail and some parts of his body, but always manages to leave his saddle area unscathed. It will be time to roach his mane again soon as he's already rubbed out the lower half.

I'm feeding flax seed already, but I can't grind it up b/c I board and there isn't any place to keep it cold. I thought I had read that whole flax would work just as well.

Why will the high protein feed make it worse? I thought about this and he was only on a 10% feed, not senior, when we lived in KY and had no skin trouble. He currently gets about 3-4 pounds senior a day.

At 03:59 PM 4/4/04 -0700, you wrote:
To answer the question about bug allergies -- try feeding flax seed, and/or
garlic.  Make sure you are not feeding high protein feeds.   I've gone thru
severe allergies with one of my horses and he has gotten over it as he
ages, however, he still does get milder versions of reactions. Susan G.
recommended flax seed last year (and aside from her telling me to try to
ground up the seeds in my food processor which just sent them flying into
every crevice in my kitchen, it did help). :^) 

Alice Yovich,
NATRC Reg. 4, Texas