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Re: [RC] [RC] re: the best method to reform a dedicated puller - Laurie Durgin

"Why beat a dead horse?" ;q

From: "Ed & Wendy Hauser" <ranch@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx>,<ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RC]   re: the best method to reform a dedicated puller
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 17:41:33 -0700

This is a variation of the old cowboy "war bridle". Yes, it does work.

We still haven't heard from a J. Lyons, a P. Parelli, or a G. W. Pony Boy
devotee though.

Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875


Just because someone tells you that your horse isn't "fit" for
endurance...doesn't mean it isn't, it just means your horse isn't fit to be
"their" endurance horse! Go for it, you never know what you'll accomplish
with that "saddle horse" or "trail horse" of YOURS!
~ Darlene Anderson - DPD Endurance

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The whole ride experience can be very hard, and at times you question why
you put yourself through such abuse. But then you remember all those
moments when you pop up over a hill and are suddenly surrounded by the most
stunning views. It's just you and your horse and for a moment time stops
and you can hear the angels sing. Therein lies the addiction, at least for
me. ~ Leslie Beyers

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