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RE: [RC] Camels and donkeys and goats, oh my! - Libby & Quentin Llop DVM

Last night we went for a night ride on the Genesee Valley Greenway, a
railtrail built on the towpath of an historic canal. Our friend who lives
along the trail warned us that a beaver with an attitude had dammed the
canal and moved in. On the way out - no problem. On the way back, everyone
was relaxed, walking along talking about how steady their horses were (I
think bombproof was mentioned) when there was a huge splash and the oldest
most experienced endurance horses were out of there the fastest. This beaver
swims along with the horses until just the right spot, then slaps the water
with his tail. In the daylight you can see him.   Libby

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We have a couple camels around here too... near a stable where I have
gone for arena work.
A few years ago, a couple of friends and I did arena work, then headed
down the road to hit the trails.  The camel was in a field along the
road.  We all stopped to visit the llamas in the field, and Gizmo, the
camel came gallumping down the field to check us out.

My mare, Rayna, one of the steadiest horses I've ever ridden, froze in
her tracks and watched him intently.  I too could feel her heartbeat
through the saddle. Gizmo came right at us, stopped at the fence, then
curled up his lip and made this funny, low, grumbling, growling noise.

That was enough for Rayna! She skittered sideways all the way across
the road, and nearly fell in the ditch on the other side!  I was in
shock, and hysterics!  Everyone was falling off their saddles laughing,
and Rayna looked awfully sheepish. She regained her composure,
sauntered back toward Gizmo and glared at him. Everytime we went by
there after that, she ignored him completely. She disdained to
acknowledge he existed on the planet. *grin*


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[RC] Camels and donkeys and goats, oh my!, Julie Fuller