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[RC] Long bed trucks - Carol

Tia wrote:
<I currently have a  long bed Dodge to pull my 28ft gooseneck trailer. I'm
<also looking to buy a new diesel to replace it but am unsure of the benefits
<of the long bed  vs short bed. I've heard the long bed is better stability
<for at least a bumper pull trailer. Is this true for a gooseneck as well. I
<guess my physics knowledge is lacking here.
Long beds are always more stable than a short bed, because the length of the wheel base is closer in approximity to the length of the trailer. This will prevent fishtailing when traveling at high speeds such as on the freeway. A friend of ours was pulling a long trailer with a Ford Bronco on the freeway when it started fishtailing. The trailer flipped the Bronco over, rolling it and the trailer, destroying both. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.