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[RC] RC: Nail (not pin) pricks/ punishments/ rewards/ etc. - Tracy Cann

"EGAD"? Egad indeed. Can you think of any person you admire who has gotten that way without ever experiencing ANY negative reinforcements or learned ANY painful lessons? Re "Influencing the horse in a way it can understand us is, IMO,  true horsemanship".Well,they understand punishment just as well or better than reward. Does anyone think horses only communicate to each other in a physically friendly way? Chico is the most friendly,and willful,and stubborn horse God ever created. He sent him to me because there was no other place Chico could go except into an Alp can. Chico understands what I want and need him to do perfectly well.I win every argument except the ones that leave me eating leaves and dirt.But the debate NEVER ends. Quiet moments in the shade of the trees? All the time. ZERO correlation to under saddle debates.They are not dogs. 
Double Egad, Ridecamp Guest.
They're not people either.  And we're not horses.  We have a responsibility to care for them to the best of our ability.  I think you're missing something important here.  Training and being with a horse isn't all hugs and kisses and it shouldn't be, but "sticking em with a horseshoe nail" is another matter.