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Re: [RC] how hi to tie - rides2far

Those of us who have also done NATRC can tell you the proper 

Personally, I don't think there's an exact proper length and would resent
someone dictating one. I'll admit though that I have seen some very
careless people for whom any advice would have been an improvement. Some
horses never get a foot over, and then there's the ones who lift a foot
when they eat or paw who will. I will tie accordingly. 

A trick I saw to get more slack for a pawer was to run your lead rope
through the ring and then down to a weight. You can put a knot in the
rope on the horse's side of the ring so the weight isn't always pulling
down but you can have a foot or so between the knot and the weight that
lets the horse get some extra slack to lay down etc. I still say for the
pawers it's best to feed them from a bucket on the side of the trailer
and a hay bag. Some just have to do things with their feet when they eat.

By the way, the gate latches that consist of a horizontal ring with a
hook under it work well on the side of the trailer as bucket mounts. I
put them where a bucket can rest on the fender and have the handle hooked
through the mount.


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