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[RC] how hi to tie - Jonni Jewell

Carol posted: >>>As far as Hi Ties are concerned, I saw a horse at night
trying to sleep tied to one. He was laying down but his head was hanging up
in the air about a foot above the ground because he was tied. I understand
the need to tie short so they don't get their foot over the rope, but the
sight of that just made me sick to my stomach. <<<

The horse was tied to short. Not an error with the Hi-Tie, but with the
user. Those of us who have also done NATRC can tell you the proper length
the rope should be to let the horse be able to eat, drink, and lay down, yet
not get it's leg over the rope easily. And for those of us who have been
doing so for many years, this is tied to the side of the trailer, not using
Hi-Ties which came on to the market not that long ago (in relationship to
how long we have tied to the side of the trailer.)

I tie my rope to the trailer, so when the rope hangs down, the snap is about
2-4" from the ground. I also prefer halters that have the ring that slides
under the adjustable chin, as to a fixed ring (gives the horse even a little
more room to lay flat if they want). My horses can lay down and even roll.
Have not got my Hi-Ties installed yet, but I plan to use the same theory on
how I tie currently. I personally am not a fan of the bungee type ties,
which many use, and indeed, tie the horse much shorter.

You do not want the tie rope to loop down on to the ground, where the horse
could easily step over it when he puts his head down. Over 20 years doing
distance riding, and camping, and have never used anything but to tie to the
trailer. No rope burns (knock on wood) and NO loose horses.

Do what works best for you, but UNDERSTAND how to use what ever choice you
make properly. That includes corrals. (which set up poorly can cause injury,
horses cast into the rails when they try to roll, or escapee horses  late at

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