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Re: [RC] wilderness - Barbara McCrary

How right you are, Heidi.  The same over-regulation applies to our local
State Park.  They want to allow a previously perfectly usable road to
disappear into the creek, which it has in some places, and never re-build
it.  This has made it impossible to access the back country in case of fire
or in case of rescue of injured cyclist, rider, or hiker.  It is totally
frustrating!  Part of the park is in wilderness designation, too, so one is
not supposed to use a chainsaw to remove trees fallen across trails.  Some
people need a reality check, and there needs to be a turn-around of some of
the restrictive rules in parks and forests.


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Trail maintence in wilderness is a MONEY issue.  Given the funds
wilderness trails can be maintained by USFS trail crews using allowed
equipment.  Starved of funds as they have been by Congress in the last
15 years trails will continue to disappear.  We are members of BCH and
we have done a lot of trail maintainence over the years.  However,
volunteers can't and shouldn't be expected to do it all.  In the late
1960's when we started going into the wilderness on a regular basis
trails were much better maintained than they are now.  This past October
a severe storm here in Washington's Cascades wiped out many trails.  We
may never get them repaired.  It's a money issue first and foremost.

Two comments here.

1)  If the regulations weren't so tight, it would be more economically
feasible to maintain the trails.  If the public could get INTO the areas
by doing their own maintenance, there would be no NEED for subsidy to
maintain them.  Hunters, ride managers, recreational users--all are
willing to clear trail to get into their areas, but if they are regulated
out of those areas, then they are not going to go do that.  It is the
overregulation that has made maintenance so outrageously costly!

2)  As Bob already stated, in a wilderness area, even volunteer trail
maintenance by antiquated and difficult methods is not acceptable, if the
trail is not a part of the agency's plan.


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