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[RC] Conversion van for towing - DESERTRYDR1

I have been using my Chevy C-20 conversion van for towing for about 4 or 5 
years now.  I have a 2H slant steel trailer, about 3,000# .  It has taken us up 
hills and into 60 mph head winds (Yes, I was a bit concerned) without feeling 
unstable.  My van is rated to pull up to 5,500#, based on the rear end being 
higher geared for highway driving.  I think that is the limiting factor.  It 
doesn't get the best mileage compared to a diesel, about 15 mpg by itself and 
about 9-10 loaded.  Except with the head wind it dropped to 7mpg!  

I like it because I have a place to sleep at rides, it can haul a lot of 
people around, and it's not hard to drive.  Downside is somewhat limited 
visibility due to the shades on the windows.  I won't let my learning-to-drive 
drive it.  When I upgrade, which will probably be in the next year or two, I 
go with a small motor home, or I may get another van, just one that is somewhat 
better set up for camping.  Like with no second row of captain's chairs, but 
a small table, maybe a small refrigerator or something.  But overall, I love 
mine, and it was well worth the $10,000 I paid for it.  

They're athletes! This is a partnership between horse and rider - we don't
have any jockeys out there, just pals and partners. We'd allow a rider with
a broken foot, a sore back and a nasty cold to compete - but we would never
let a horse in a similiar condition hit the trail.
~ Dr. Barney Flemming DVM

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