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Re: [RC] Allergies, etc. - Sundaez

In a message dated 3/11/2004 7:55:13 AM Pacific Standard Time, heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
While I agree in the acute stages, IF this mare requires occasional
injections to remain desensitized, then the question is indeed relevant.
Of course it is relevant because it involves injecting substance (subcue) into a horse before a ride. I could probably skip that day...but am still wondering what AERCs policy is on the subject.
FWIT my vet said in no way does this treatment interfere with my horses ability to be an endurance horse. He has done endurance rides years ago  as well as vetted rides so I trust his judgment on this one.
Heidi what do you mean by acute stages? This has been a chronic problem...it just didn't flare up over night.
Allergies in horse can not be that rare. I've seen other horses that itch and scratch. Surely this topic has been raised before with AERC.
I could forgo the shots and treat the symptoms of the allergies...which I think what most people do. EYe washes, fly sheets, masks and spray take care of a lot of the problem but it is a twice a day regime. Frankly the hots will be easier in the long run.
The treatment time for the initial hyposensitization is 293 days. After that she goes on maintance shots. Do you consider the hypsensitization period the "acute stage?"
BTW this is horse is not a prospect. She is my horse who happens to do endurance. That's what she will always be.