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[RC] Drinking from Streams - Jonni Jewell

This is a very small stream we pass over every time we ride so it really
took me by suprise that she stopped to investigate, usually she just steps
over it.<<<

When I am teaching the new ones about drinking on the trail. I usually cross
the stream, then turn back around, and stop, to offer them water. We just
stand there a min., and let them think about it. On some horses, if you use
a V type breastcollar, you need to unsnap one side from the saddle, so it
will loosen some, so they can get their head down. If they drink, I praise,
maybe scratch them on the withers, tell them that was good. But I always
make them stop at every water opportunity, until they learn to drink on the
trail, and they stop on their own.

Jonni in TX (got one of my own who is just now learning to drink on the
trail, and it is a big deal)

The whole ride experience can be very hard, and at times you question why
you put yourself through such abuse. But then you remember all those
moments when you pop up over a hill and are suddenly surrounded by the most
stunning views.  It's just you and your horse and for a moment time stops
and you can hear the angels sing.  Therein lies the addiction, at least for
~  Leslie Beyers

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