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Re: [RC] Real endurance is sitting through Hidalgo - Lysane Cree

I haven't seen Hidalgo yet. But I really think this
needs to be viewed as a Disney movie and not as any
other sort of historical re-creation or example of
today's endurance riding. Disney did the same thing
with the movie Pocahantas. They left quite a few of
the true details out and romanticized the story to
sell movies. Disney is Disney - fiction. 
As a Mohawk, I'll have to get back to you on the
"offensive to Native Americans part", but I plan on
seeing Hidalgo because it is a horse movie and because
I look forward to seeing an adventure story with an
endurance-type story line. And yes, along with all of
the Hollywood effects. 
As for the Paint in the movie...before there were
Paints (as registered American Paint Horses), there
were mustangs. So I don't see it as being so far
fetched that they substitute a Paint for a mustang. 

Oh well, just a comment in the sea of opinions. :)


Even keeping in mind that Disney movies are a
predictable formula mix of =
violence and schmaltzy sentiment, I found it too

People who  the movie might offend:

-Me; on behalf of my extremely small portion of
Native American blood on =
behalf of Native Americans
-Arab peoples
-me again, being the owner of a mustang, since the
horse was not even =
played by a mustang, but a Paint horse..
-Anyone with the name "Davenport", as "Lady
Davenport" in the movie was =
a scheming, evil  b%*th
-endurance riders for the depiction of that as
endurance riding
-long riders (those who do extremely long distances
i.e. Long Riders =
-fans of Frank T. Hopkins since he was depicted as a
drunken bum

Anyway, just horrific.  My 16 year old daughter
though it equally =
dreadful.  Would rather do the 3,000 mile race than
be forced to see the =
movie again

Karen (not even pms-ing, but old and grouchy)


From: "Karen Sullivan" <greymare56@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   real endurance is sitting through

Well, don't read this if you haven't seen the movie
and don't want to be =
poisoned by my negative remarks. Am I the only one
that didn't like it, =
and hey, I really tried to go in with an open mind..
(and I liked =
Seabiscuit, despite the jockey being played by
cutsey Tobey McGuire)

Keep in mind I am basically a critical, judgmental
and cynical person.

I thought it was just awful.  Wish I had my $ back. 
It was one far =
fetched preposterous thing after another. Had it
been heavily promoted =
as something like "a tall tale about the imagined
exploits of Frank T. =
Hopkins, it might have been easier to swallow.  I
went more to see =
Vigo....and left the movie not liking even him!

Even keeping in mind that Disney movies are a
predictable formula mix of =
violence and schmaltzy sentiment, I found it too

=== message truncated === 

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