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RE: [RC] Equine Dentist in Sacramento Area - Linda Cowles

Does anyone have a recommendation for a really good equine dentist 
with all
of the power tools in the Sacramento area?

Whoever you use, please make sure they have a DVM after their 
name, and are not just hanging out a shingle because they 
bought a power float.  ......
Please, make sure whoever you choose is a veterinarian first 
and foremost, not just someone with a power float, an illegal 
vial of drugs and a business card.

Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

With all respect to Susan and any vets who've studied dental technique, I
know of several good vets who are horrible dentists!

I no longer expect a vet to be great at everything. After a great "leg man"
fractured a few teeth in a horse I know of, I learned how to check teeth
myself so that I can ask vets for "references" and check out recently
floated teeth. Or better yet, ask to watch him/her float someone else's
horses teeth.

Dental evaluation isn't rocket science! Give yourself permission to tell the
difference between a good float and a poor one.

Is there a web site that documents what a "good float" is? I check for
points and alignment and won't let vet dentists grind my horses canine's to
the gum. Believe it or not, one "good" dental vet wanted to do that,
exposing the interior of the tooth, for no specific reason.


Linda Cowles
9155 N. State Street #13
Redwood Valley CA 95470
phone  707-485-0347 
mobile 707-621-0240     
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