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RE: [RC] [RC] horse trailer mangers and ground clearance - terry banister

From their website:

HEAD ROOM - Possibly the most important feature in a horse trailer and certainly the most overlooked. When selecting a suitable two horse trailer for your horses, keep the following measurements in mind:

Stall length: from the chest bar back; you do not need more than 78 inches in which to contain the very biggest horse PROVIDED the clear head room measured directly forward from the chest bar is at least 50 inches. (78" + 50" = 128 inches total length)

There are a lot of trailers marketed today with 90 inch stalls but only 38 inches of head room. This gives the appearance of offering bigger stalls, but with only 38 inches of headroom a big horse may have its chest up to 12inches away from the chest bar and insufficient room forward of the chest bar to raise and lower its head. This is needed to keep its balance in a traveling trailer and to lower its head at regular intervals to clear its sinus. For horses 17+Hds. these trailers provide TOO MUCH stall length and TOO LITTLE head room. (90" + 38" = 128 inches total length)

Since the majority of horses are 14+ to 16+ Hds. even a 78 inch stall is longer than necessary for them. All BRENDERUP trailers offer 40 to 65 inches forward of the chest bar (to accommodate every sized horse) and individually adjustable Chest and Butt bar heights to accommodate most every horse without disturbing the head room which is so critical for the horses safety and comfort.
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From: Ridecamp Guest <guest-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [RC]   horse trailer mangers and ground clearance
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 00:09:29 GMT

Please Reply to: Julie Freeland horsegirl2u@xxxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'd like to know what people's experiences are with hauling horses in slant loads with mangers. I'm looking at an 8' wide trailer and my concern is whether the horse can drop his head enough to clear his airway. My horses are just average sized Arabs and the stalls seem wide (42") and roomy.
My second question is how much ground clearance is considered enough? Are people blocking axles to increase the likelyhood of keeping your storage tanks? The trailer is 23' long. Thanks for any input! Julie Freeland

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