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Re: [RC] Stallions at rides - SandyDSA

In a message dated 3/8/2004 11:17:27 AM Pacific Standard Time, lbertolucci@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
are there any rules in place for stallion owners at rides? Are we wrong in thinking a person bringing a stallion should be sure this stallion is well broke and controllable, BEFORE he is brought to a ride?
oh boy is THIS a hot switch to us! Our stallion, Sal, has over the years, both at rides and in teh show ring, demonstrated that he is an absolutely near-perfect gentleman. Sad but true that events such as this one cast such a bad light on all stallions. The commenet above caught my eye, since ride management DOES have the authority - and really, the obligation - to remove ANY horse, regardless of gender, from basecamp or any other portion of the event. It is rarely simply a stallino issue - most often a stupid PEOPLE issue, and equally as aggravating are those who thhink that a stallion owner should be any more responsible for their horse than an owner of a mare or gelding. It simply takes a bit more - sometimes a lot more - management with a stallion, but the REQUIREMENTS are juste xactly the same - good manners, safe in camp and out, tolerant on the trail, and preferably an animal who is not inclined to Houdini exercises, no matter the gender. The most important part of the equation continues to be responsible AND experienced management! The best horse of any gender in the hands of an idiot or a prideful jerk will be an annoyance at best and a danger at worst.
    As fro tying a horse...a Houdinin should be double-tied, corraled and/or corraled and tied - or stay home. Period. No one is "entitled" to go to rides just because they can get there. Don't bring a horse to a ride who cannot at the very mINIMUM be contained safely and handled safely. Sheesh. IMHO - I would never tie a horse with a chain - teh OWNER, maybe, but not the horse;)!
Back to mucking OTHER manure.