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[RC] Level Playing field - SandyDSA

they need a Warmblood to "successfully" compete.

I had this response who I won't ID since it was sent to me - and I had to chuckle, because it is so true. Yet if we were to say this to people who don't ride Arabains in endurance, what flack we would get! Funny thing is that in dressage or in 3 day or Gran Prix jumping, it SHOULD be judged on performance of the class specs, not size, breed or traine rup. In endurance, it simply IS...the first guy over the line who meets criteria. Yes, I know, all the workings of different people and methods etc. - but the message is that disciplines that are by nature even marginally subjective are highly biased, where endurance by its nature cannot be, yet is treated as though it SHOULD be. No, it shouldn't try to level the playing field so as to make it more amenable to another breed, anymore than the volleyball net should be lowered to accomodate my skilled but VERY short daughter - who by teh way played for 3 years and did not make varsity. She simply was not as good as the tall girls. So Warmbloods struggle on those hairpin turns in the canyons. Thoroughbreds make a very fast mile. Arabians can go forever. There it is.