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Re: [RC] re:preventing treated horses thread - LOUISE BURTON

From the humid CT region, I also like the longer holds, and we see more and more of 2 holds of 45 rather than 3 of 30.  30 minutes just isn't long enough for the horse to eat, esp when you have long vet lines.  At some big rides, you can have your entire 30 minutes eaten up just waiting in line for the vet!  And many/most of us don't have crews either.

From what I have seen with my horses (family miles @14,000), they do better with less and longer holds than several short ones.

But each ride has its own reasons..it may be terrain, trail, or weather, so I definitely think this should be a ride managers' decision, not a RULE!


Louise Burton #6402

Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians


 Teresa Van Hove <vanhove@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I like the idea of having at LEAST 90 minutes of hold on a 50; but I
really prefer to have these in 2 holds. Hardly anyone has crew around
here and 3 30 minute holds wouldn't leave the horses much time to each
after getting them to the trailer and back to the 'gate'. My favorite
rides have 2 1 hour holds; I dont think they've ever had any serious
metabolic problems either. Maybe back east its more important to have
more holds due to the humidity; but I could never support forcing 3
holds for all 50's.

Bumping requirements even to 2 holds has always been defeated because
the BOD doesn't want to losesome existing special rides where there is
only one spot to get ride vets in for a hold. So, heres a possible
solution: AERC could require 2 holds totaling a minimum of 90
minutes; but allow for 1 hold rides as special sanctioning/special
qualification events. ie. maybe ride managers would have to require
s ay 500 miles as a horse/rider team to enter these "1 hold 50's" The
usual arguement for continueing to allow 1 hour hold 50's is that they
are mostly attended by experienced riders who know their horses so I
dont think such a lifetime mileage requirement should reduce
attendence by a harmful amount.

To the new person: AERC already rewards for many things other than
first across the finish line. There is a best condition program; AERC
recognizes new riders every 250 miles, and all riders ever 1000 miles
completed, AREC recognizes all horses every 1000 miles completed; and
EVERY horse/rider pair that completes a ride accumulates points for
year-end awards (there is just a multiplication factor for placing in
the top 10- and thats for 4 different weight divisions.) see
Teresa Van Hove, M17417.

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[RC] re:preventing treated horses thread, Teresa Van Hove