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[RC] small horses - Kathie Ford

Yep, had to throw in a comment here too!  We have a 17 year old bay mare (18) this spring who is 13'3 and has small feet. She is one tough horse.  We have only done LD on her because my daughters don't want to do more than that personally. However, she has never been lame (had her five years so far) never been sick and can do a lot of everything.  She's done LD, Cross Country, Jumping, Dressage and lots and lots of trails.  My older daughter used to take her out all day.  A 30 mile day ride to Lexington reservoir was nothing to her.  And..she's been barefoot most of the time we've had her!  Also, we were told she had exceptional joint range of motion.  Her  legs look like a young horses.  No windpuffs...nothing.  And she takes very good care of herself and her rider on the trail.  My younger daughter has her now and is 5'7 and still growing.  Trails are fine, jumping however, her balance (my daughters) is changing.  Her instructor is in awe of how high she can jump.  Said if she was a little taller she'd be a grand prix horse!  Dolly doesn't even know she is small and the vets have always been very positive about her. 
We have her granddaughter and she is very true to type although she has passed her grandma in height as she is 14'2 and still growing at 3.5 years.  Dollys daughter is 15 hands.  All three have feet on the small side but have never been lame.  Her daughter Toni is 9.  Her last growth spurt was between 6 and 7 if you can believe that!  It really was!  Anyway, these mares are sweet, love people, but are very "big minded" horses in smaller bodies.  My vet said the two I have would be great Tevis prospects small feet and all. 
Also, we had Dolly on part of the Tevis trail this weekend (finally got to ride it YEAH!!!) and it was rocky.  No problem at all.  She walked up and down those hills like they were nothing! 
So more power to the "little horses that could!"  lol...
take care and good luck with your decision! (for Jeri)

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