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[RC] Horse deaths - jennifer a berger

Just curious.  What is this talk of deaths on rides.  Being green to the sport I was wondering what were the circumstances?  Was it rider error, was it a freak circumstance or did it just happen and knowone is to blame.  I was just wondering.
However let me say this. I know for a fact that there are other equine activities that have a lot more deaths each year and dont put the milege on the horse.I took care of polo ponies for many years.  I preped them for the players and cooled them down after they rode them into the ground.  The players rarely have any regard for the horses and refer to them as machines.  Equine deaths happen in this sport all the time.  I remember a horse got hit so hard in the leg with a mallot its leg shattered.  They put it down on the side lines played around it.  After they tarped it.  Very sad, having to work the rest of the day by a dead horse.  I had to go home.   
Allthough they are not allowed and can be suspended from the sport, they often play the horse lame.
Just by talking to people online and on the phone I dont think that is the case in this sport.  I dont think anyone wants to kill there horse over a sport.  Iget the feeling that most of these horses are peoples pets.  All the work that I have heard that goes in the care of the horse legs after workouts and rides.  I can tell you none of that is done for a polo ponie.  The most they get is a hose and a walk.  Those horses put everthing they have into the game and get nothing in return.  ( most of the time, there are some who put more effort in their horses)
It is very sad to hear horses have died on endurance rides,  Ihope to God I never have to go through that, but it sadly does happen in any equine sport.  I am sure everyone does there best to avoid it.  But there is always something more we can do.