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[RC] Stabilizer Hitches (was New Trailer) and Mildew In Trailer - Tina Rushing

Monte Mitts <mitts_n@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  ...Stabilizer hitches also do
help, but they add to the cost, work of hooking up, and affect backing..."

I have equalizer bars on my lightweight trailer and I have not noticed any
impact on backing.  It takes me an extra 5 minutes to hook up, including
compulsive checks and double-checks.  Cost of hitch, equalizer bars,and sway
bar was about $550 and a kind friend with all the right tools installed the
whole thing in less than an hour in return for a dinner (what a deal!).  The
only trouble I've had with the bars has been lack of clearance on extremely
rugged backcountry roads.  When I need clearance I just pull them off; I can
pull them in less than 2 minutes in the dark.  An equalizer hitch is a good
thing.  Safety first.

On mildew, I have a custom trailer cover (Cheryl's Custom Covers).  The
trailer should always be clean and thoroughly dry before covering.  With
this recipe I have never had a mildew problem.  I do not keep my saddle in
the trailer.  The trailer cover material breathes, and it actually "floats"
over the trailer in a high wind.  My trailer is an economy stock model and
is not airtight (plenty of circulation!).  This trailer has undergone
fog-shrouded winters and has been nice and fresh when I pulled the cover
off.  A trailer cover is much more labor-intensive than the equalizer hitch,
but it's worth it if you like your stuff to be tidy.  Tidy second.

I thought that the desiccant suggestion was a good one and I am going to try
it.  I bought something called Dri-Z-Air at the hardware store for $4 and
I'm going to try it (can't hurt, might help, and it's cheap).

I'm going to sell this trailer and its safe and tidy trappings and trade up
to a GN.  Watch for my classified ad, coming eventually :-)

Tina Rushing
El Granada, CA
(near Half Moon Bay... deep in the fog belt)

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