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Re: [RC] Small Horses - Barbara H-B

Way back when, before the beginning of time,  I remember when the ultimate size of an endurance horse was 14.1.  This related to the cooling system, skin area proportionate to body cavity.
My 14.1 1/2 hand mare has done very nicely thank you for about 17 years.
Someone else might remember this trend.
AERC #5289
PS.  Good feet seem to hold up fine, small or not - they don't seem to be small for her size tho........

At 01:48 PM 2/10/03, you wrote:

I'm on the horse hunt for my new endurance prospect.  Went and looked at a nice little mustang mare this weekend.  She's great, nice straight legs, good strong back, deep heart girth, long hip, lots of go, and a willing personality.  My only concern is that she's only about 14.1 or so.  She has 00 feet, but they are in good shape (my husband used to be a farrier and is accredited from the OK school).  I'm 5'6" and tack in around 150 lbs or so.  When I rode her this weekend, I didn't "feel" too big for her, and my husband said that I looked good on her, not out of proportion.

Is this size acceptable for endurance?  The small feet concern me more than anything....  Any personal experience with competing on small horses?  Special care?  Things to look out for?  At this point, she's still a prospect but I was just wondering if her size would be an issue or not.




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